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"Ethics in law firms: a practical guide" (Ark Group, 2014)

This is a must-have publication for anyone working in a law firm who is unsure about how to respond to various ethical conundrums.

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Also published by the Ark Group and available to order from http://www.managingpartner.com/bookshop

"Conflicts and Confidentiality in Law Firms"
failure to handle potential conflicts and confidentiality issues effectively is one of the most common sources of client dissatisfaction.  

Getting this wrong can not only damage your client relationships, but also lead to legal/regulatory action, professional indemnity implications, and loss of reputation.

This report examines the key factors that must be taken into account in order to develop effective systems and controls for your firm. It gives critical guidance on how to reduce relationship threatening conflicts and ensure that risks are identified and dealt with quickly and effectively at both a strategic and operational level.  

"COLP and COFA: Compliance in Practice" (second edition) with Bronwen Still
recently taken on the role of COLP or COFA for your firm? If so you’re probably already busy working with your firm to ensure the numerous regulatory obligations are met.

Integrating these roles and responsibilities effectively within the firm and striving to assert authority to ensure compliance is taken seriously is proving a mammoth task for those new to the roles.

This report is packed with new and up-to-date case studies, examples, and advice and offers practical support to help you meet the SRA requirements and use your position to maximum benefit.

"Outcomes-focused regulation : compliance in practice" (second edition) with Bronwen Still
This critical report offers practical guidance to aid compliance with the most recent updates to the SRA Handbookand the upcoming changes to Outcomes-Focused Regulation.

"Preparing your firm for the referral fee ban"
for the first time since 2004, lawyers are not be able to pay third parties for referring clients in personal injury matters. This report is designed to assist you in tackling the critical need to change working methods and provides tips to assist you in demonstrating compliance.

And the following book published by the Law Society and available to order from http://bookshop.lawsociety.org.uk/ecom_lawsoc/public/saleproduct.jsf?catalogueCode=9781907698545

"Regulation and in-house lawyers" (The Law Society, 2013)
written by Tracey Calvert and Bronwen Still.

The introduction of the Legal Services Act 2007 means that in-house lawyers will need to be more aware of the requirements of the SRA Handbook and the opportunities the new regime will bring. This practical book outlines the compliance requirements that in-house lawyers must adhere to and examines the practical changes in-house lawyers may need to make in order to comply with the Act.